“End Credits” is an independent informative film by Marc Cosyns and Alexander Decommere, shot and finished in 2012. The filmmakers point their camera at euthanasia in practice, ten years since the Belgian law was finalized in 2002. The film had premières in Ghent and Antwerp on January 24th and 26th, 2013.

Since 2002, euthanasia is legal in Belgium. Still, anno 2013,  there are a lot of questions unanswered. What is possible? What is accepted? For whom? And what lies beyond euthanasia? Lydia Chagoll outlines what made the legalisation of euthanasia possible, while Maddy Buysse symbolizes a possible future.

The filmmakers follow Adelin and Eva, two very different people who are at the dawn of the end of their lives.

Adelin, 83 years old, is confronted with dementia, while Eva, 34, wants her unbearable and never ending mental suffering to stop. Both people ask for help with and care for a decent farewell and passing away. Through organ donation, Eva would like to add meaning to her death.

A group of individuals who follow, study and understand the Belgian law of euthanasia, give us their insights on these complex issues.

The DVD, with optional English subtitles, is available on our “DVD” page.

Director: Alexander Decommere
Screenplay & concept: Marc Cosyns
Composer: Michel Vangheluwe
Narrator: Peter Cremers
Production: Marc Cosyns & Alexander Decommere
Camera, sound & editing: Alexander Decommere
Interviews: Marc Cosyns
Produced with sponsoring from vzw Recht op Waardig Sterven
Thanks to deAuteurs

End Credits © 2013 Marc Cosyns & Alexander Decommere — All rights reserved.

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