Pasfoto Marc Cosyns

Marc Cosyns
Marc (°1954) is a general practitioner in a group practice and author/opinion former. He teaches medical ethics, deontology and palliative care at the University of Ghent. He was the project leader of an investigation of terminal care in Belgium (2000 and 2006) en is known as a privileged witness in the establishment of the current law of patient rights, euthanasia and palliative care. With Johanna Vlaminck and Saskia Vanderstichele, he wrote “Zoals ik het wil – Gesprekken over euthanasie” (“As I want it – Conversations on euthanasia”; 2004) and with Julien Vandevelde he wrote “Bevroren beeld – Zorg voor de laatste levensfase” (“Frozen image – Care for the final stage of life”; 2009). For theatre director Guy Cassiers, he performed on stage in “De rechter en de beul” (“The judge and the executioner”) by playwright Janine Derop (2009). His most recent book is about “Amelie Van Esbeen, de 93-jarige die nú wou sterven” (“Amelie Van Esbeen, the 93-year old who wanted to die now”; 2010). “Laatstleden/Jongstleden” (2011) is his first poetry collection about life and death. At the end of 2012 and together with Vooruit-100 and Stichting Lezen, he launched the project “Verhalen voor het sterven gaan” (“Stories before dying”) which will be read as of fall 2013.

Pasfoto Alexander Decommere

Alexander Decommere
Alexander (°1985) graduated in 2007 from the Rits Film School in Brussels with the Flemish short film Quietus. Since then, he’s been working as an independent theatre and film director. Currently, he’s writing the screenplay for his debut feature film, but he’s also shot music videos (Transcoder, Pantheist), directed plays in Ghent (“Macbeth Infected”), assisted Didier Volckaert in directing his film Quixote’s Island and supported Nic Balthazar artistically in producing three pro-climate-clips (“The Big Ask“, “Dance for the Climate” and “Sing for the Climate“). It is Alexander’s making of Tot altijd (“The making of Time of My Life“) that establishes a solid collaboration between him and Marc, early 2012. One year later, the film End Credits is released theatrically and on DVD. It is Alexander’s first feature length work as a director.

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